Transparent: No one smart likes being lied to or left out. We will operate in a way that everyone will know as much as they can at all times.

Hard Working: We’re hard workers, not busy bees. Some days will be long and we’ll need you to work as hard as you can, so appreciate any downtime. We don’t judge work by how long you’re in the office.

Respectful: We won’t all be best friends, but everyone will learn how to communicate and respect every person on this team no matter titles or experience.

Always Learning: If you want to take your skills and get through a 9-5 every day just to get paid, then this isn’t the place to do it. We want people that are always learning to keep Justus Tickets at the forefront.

Balanced: You can’t perform if you’re mental or physical health isn’t well. Be open and honest about the things you’re going through and we’ll find a plan that works for everyone.

Innovative: That crazy idea that you don’t think is worth sharing? We want to hear it. This is a place of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.


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