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We're Justus Tickets

Justus Tickets is developing a fan-to-fan resale marketplace to help fans compete with professional ticket brokers if they want to, but rewarding them for listing their ticket close to face value with our points system.

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How Justus Tickets Works:


We help fans compete against brokers by letting finding the market value of a ticket. We'll let you price it for up to 20% below that.




We want other fans to find great deals and for you to sell your ticket.


We will help you find market value, we want you to sell your ticket at a lower price. The closer to face value, the more points you receive.




We reward positive fan behavior so we can create a better industry.


Every time we sell a ticket, 80% goes back to the seller, 10% goes to the artist, and 10% comes to Üs. That's a true partnership.




We would not exist without artists and amazing fans. Everyone wins.